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Our Clients

Our Clients:

Experience in the Trade

In Sri Lanka we provide security coverage to both leading Private and Government institutions, which includes Commercial Bank of Ceylon, Standard Chartered Bank, British American Tobacco Company, United Nations Agencies (UNDP, WFP, UN OSHAS, ILO, IMO, UNFP, Save the Children, and Terres de Homes), McDonalds, and CeatTyre etc.

In Bangladesh we are providing security coverage to leading Private Institutions, which includes:

  Cash Management:  
1. BRAC Bank Ltd.
2. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC.
3. Citibank N.A.
4. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd.
5. Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd.
6. Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Limited.
7. Bay Emporium Ltd.
8. Armana Group.
9. Ananta Apparel Ltd.
10. Crystal Martin Apparel Bangladesh Ltd.
11. Dada (Dhaka) Ltd.
12. S.P.M. Designs Ltd.
13. Stoffatex Fashions Ltd.
14. Quazi Abedin Tex Limited.
15. Meghna Executive Holdings.

  Environment & Facility Management:  
1. Sir Lankan Embassy.
1. Sir Lankan Embassy.
3. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC.
4. R-pac (Bangladesh) Ltd.
5. Brandix Casualwear Bangladesh Ltd.
6. American & Effird (Pvt) Ltd.
7. Crystal Martin Apparel Bangladesh Ltd.
8. Brandix Banani Appartment.
9. United Arab Emirates Embassy.
10. T & S Buttons (Bangladesh) Ltd.
11. Bureau Veritas Bd Ltd.
12. R-pac (Bangladesh) Ltd.
13. APL Logistics Ltd.
14. Global Merchants Ltd.
15. Tunghing (BD) Manufacturing Ltd.
16. Aamra Support Service.
17. Hemas Consumer Products.
18. CEMS Ltd.
19. APL (Warehouse).
20. Nasa Hitech Style Ltd.
21. EPIC Group.
22. Shin Shin Group

  Static Security:  
1. Brandix Casualwear Bangladesh Ltd.
1. Brandix Casualwear Bangladesh Ltd.
2. American & Effird (Pvt) Ltd.
3. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC.
4. Crystal Martin Apparel Bangladesh Ltd.
5. Valtex International (BD) Ltd.
6. Univogue Garments Ltd.
7. Fergasam Bangladesh Ltd.
8. Naturub Accessories Bangladesh (Pvt) Ltd.
9. Redox Chemical Industries Ltd.
10. P.R.M Fashions (Pvt) Limited.
11. APL Logistics Ltd.
12. Newsprint Packaging (Bangladesh) Ltd.
13. Manohar Filaments Bangladesh Ltd.
14. The Hotel Peninsula Airport Garden.
15. Packer Industries Ltd.
16. Sundarban Courier Service Ltd.
17. Halima Telecom.
18. Transworld Medical Center.
19. Arrow Fabrics Ltd.
20. SPM Designs Ltd.
21. Nasa Hitech Style Ltd.
22. EPIC Group.
23. Meghna Executive Holdings.
24. A & A Shoes.
25. Pacific Zipper Bangladesh Ltd.
26. SJ Industrial BD Ltd.
27. Philko Sports Ltd.
28. Skyline Group.
29. Saimon Medical Center.
30. Shasha Garments Ltd
31. Pent House, Gulshan.
32. Lake View House.
33. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd.
34. Shamolchaya House.
35. Zaman Mension.
36. BD Design Ltd.
37. Colour Fashion Ltd

   CCTV & ESD:  
1. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC.
2. American & Effird Bangladesh (Pvt) Ltd.
3. Crystal Martin Bangladesh Ltd.
4. Brandix Casualwear Bangladesh Ltd.
5. Kenpark Bangladesh (Pvt) Ltd
6. EPIC Group.
7. Aman Graphics & Design Ltd.
8. S.P.M. Designs Ltd.
9. Trust Bank Ltd
10. Shasha Garments Ltd.
11. Heaven Textiles Ltd.


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